Working towards a brighter retirement

Most people across the UK now have a private pension, whether that is an automatically enrolled workplace pension or a private pension that you have invested directly. All pension schemes have the same aim, to help you save money for retirement. Here at Hilltop Finance, our financial advisers aim to guide people to a more comfortable retirement through our expert advice and pension assessment service.

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Not all private pensions are the same

With thousands of pension schemes across the UK, it can be difficult to understand what pension policy is right for you and give the best return for your money. At Hilltop Finance, we are pension experts and being fully independent allows us to assess the whole of the market to find the most suitable pension for you. 

What we check in a pension assessment

We carry out an in-depth evaluation of your private or old workplace pension that will cover the following: –

Are you paying high fees and charges?
Is your pension aligned to your attitude to financial risk?
Will your current personal pension deliver what you want?
Are you on track for the retirement income you desire?
Is your pension pot growing as fast as it could?

If your personal pension is suffering from any of these issues, our pension advisers can quickly identify any problems and advise you on how to get back on track.

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Begin working towards a better retirement today with Hilltop Finance. The earlier we can start your pension assessment and get your private pension back on track, the more time your pension pot has to grow and potentially earn you more money.

We’ve helped thousands of people across the country to take control of their retirement planning and understand how much money they will need for their future. Fill out the form today and start along the journey to a brighter retirement with Hilltop Finance.

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