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Get up close and personal with your pension. Our pension review and assessment gives you a clear picture of your pensions. We’ll tell you what’s working well and what isn’t. And we’ll discuss your plans for the future to help make them a reality.

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Important information: Our website offers information about investing and saving, but not personal advice. If you’re not sure which services are right for you, please request advice from Hilltop’s independent financial advisers. Remember that investments can go up and down in value, so you could get back less than you put in.

What does our pension review service cover?

Pension Consolidation Performance
If your retirement savings are on track, you can still take steps to make it more certain that your pension pot will be achievable.
Pension drawdown Drawdown
Thinking about taking your pension money flexibly but not sure how or whether it’s right for you?
Pension consolidation Consolidation
If you have multiple pension plans with different providers, you may have a difficult time managing them properly.
pension transfers Advice
Alongside the assessment of your current product, we will also be able to put together a retirement plan.
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Why should you seek professional pension advice?

Although simple in their outlook, pensions are basically long-term savings account, they can seem like very complicated products. There are thousands of pension products available from multi-asset private pensions to self-invested personal pensions (SIPP) and defined benefit pensions.

Understanding what product is right for you and the risk level your willing to take with a pension, makes seeking professional advice essential to ensure your money is growing and working as hard as it should.

A financial adviser will be able to assess your pensions, retirement goals and evaluate your attitude to financial risk to find the most suitable product for you. Alongside the assessment of your current product, they will also be able to put together a retirement plan that could help you achieve your retirement goals.

Capital at risk, the value of investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest.

We offer pension reviews for multiple providers
What to expect

Expert advice in three simple steps

We’re committed to going the extra mile, holding your needs and requirements at the centre of our trusted advice. Everybody is different, and the financial advice we deliver reflects that. Our professional advice is always relevant, personalised and tailored to you.

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Analyse and report
As soon as you give us authority to work on your behalf, our team will get started analysing your pensions to produce an in-depth report and assess against the market.
The choice is yours
Your expert pension adviser will deliver their assessment and ensure you fully understand the advice given. Now you will be able to make informed decisions.
UK pension providers

We work with the biggest and most reputable UK pension providers

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