Phoenix Life Pension Review

With a free, no-obligation Phoenix Life pension review, our advisers can analyse your pension and make recommendations on how you could potentially improve your pension pots performance.

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Important information: Our website offers information about investing and saving, but not personal advice. If you’re not sure which services are right for you, please request advice from Hilltop’s independent financial advisers. Remember that investments can go up and down in value, so you could get back less than you put in.
Phoenix Life Pension Review

What Does Your Free Phoenix Life Review Cover?

Your Pension's Growth
Our advisers will check the performance of your Aegon Pension against its benchmark and across the market. This ensures you’re getting the right and best pension for you, that will potentially deliver for your retirement.
Risk Check Your Pension
All pension funds are subject to an element of risk. As part of our review service, we will carry out a full financial risk assessment to ensure your Phoenix Life Pension is aligned to your attitude to financial risk.
Your Pension's Growth
Our advisers will check the performance of your Phoenix Life Pension against its benchmark and across the market. This ensures you’re getting the right and best pension for you, that will potentially deliver for your retirement.
Management Options
Does your Phoenix Life pension offer ethical investment funds? Can you get up-to-date valuations instantly online? Not all pensions are the same, so you may not be able to do what you want with your pension currently. During your pension review, we will find out what’s important to you and ensure the personal pension you invest in can give you the flexibility you require.

Why get your Phoenix Life pension reviewed?

Regular reviews of your Phoenix Life pension will help you to check you’re on target for your retirement goals and ensure that you don’t lose track of that pension pot. If you have moved employer and are not contributing to your Phoenix Life pension, this pension could now be classed as a ‘Frozen’ or preserved pension. Your Phoenix Life pension could continue to grow but will not benefit from new contributions made by your employer or you.

If you no longer contribute to your Phoenix Life Pension, then combining your pensions together could make it easier to manage your funds. Read more about pension consolidation here.

Phoenix Life pensions, as with all personal pensions and investments require constant monitoring, but often get left behind, as retirement seems such a long time away. Regular checks and reviews of your pension pot should help alleviate any potential poor performance and any nasty surprises you find when retirement day finally arrives.

The earlier you get your Phoenix Life pension reviewed, the better chance you have of making changes that are needed to hit your retirement goals.

What to expect

Expert advice in three simple steps

We’re committed to going the extra mile, holding your needs and requirements at the centre of our trusted advice. Everybody is different, and the financial advice we deliver reflects that. Our professional advice is always relevant, personalised and tailored to you.

Get in touch
Give us a call on 0161 413 7051 or let us know when you’d like us to call back. A friendly pension professional will discuss your enquiry to get a better understanding of your situation.
Analyse and report
As soon as you give us authority to work on your behalf, our team will get started analysing your pensions to produce an in-depth report and assess against the market.
The choice is yours
Your expert pension adviser will deliver their assessment and ensure you fully understand the advice given. Now you will be able to make informed decisions.

Frequently asked questions

Should you have any queries about our services, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for simply get in touch with our friendly team who are here to answer any questions you might have.

Consolidating your pensions from different employers is run in the same format as a regular pension consolidation service. It’s generally not recommended to combine out of your current workplace pension, but in some cases, you can combine and transfer your other funds into your current workplace pension. Please speak with our team to find out all of your options.

Retirement Income Planning is the process of assessing how much income you will need in retirement and then making decisions and actions on how to achieve the targeted income. Your financial advisor will work with you to make a detailed retirement plan to help achieve your goals.

To combine your pensions, a financial advisor will need your authority to speak with your pension providers and then your authority to act on your behalf to transfer your pensions into the recommended product.

By initially giving the financial advisor the power to speak with your providers (Letter of Authority) the financial advisor will request the relevant information they need to make any recommendations on if consolidation is right for you, where to combine and potentially transfer your pensions.

For the full process of combining your pensions, please speak with our team.

A 25% Tax-free lump sum is calculated on the total value of your defined contribution pensions, rather than specific to each policy. The advisers at Hilltop will be able to give you guidance on your options.

Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.

Capital at Risk.

Depending on your current pensions, you could lose money when combining your pensions, if they have exit fees included or any guaranteed rates included. By speaking with our advisers, they can check to see if any of your current pensions have any clauses attached and help you to make the right choices about pension consolidation. If we don’t think that pension consolidation is in your best financial interests, we will tell you that too.

Capital at Risk.

There are several ways of consolidating your pensions. But, we believe the best way to consolidate them and to ensure you’re getting the best pension policy for your circumstances is to speak to our team.

We will quickly assess your current pensions and offer advice and recommendations on where to consolidate your funds. The advice we give is always in your best financial interests, and by speaking with us, we can take some of the decision processes from you and guide you to a more suitable pension, rather than a fit for all pension you may see online.

Capital at Risk.

Combining your pensions could have many benefits. Putting your pensions into one policy can help you to keep track on the value of your funds, quickly see the performance of your fund and also you could benefit from lower management charges than having multiple pensions.

With all your funds in one place, you could furthermore reduce the chance of losing track or forgetting about that smaller pension pot that you accrued with an old employer. Pension consolidation isn’t for everyone, though, so please speak with one of our advisers before moving your pensions.

Capital at Risk

You could drawdown from a personal pension from your 55th birthday. In some circumstances i.e. ill health, your pension provider may allow you to take money from your pension, but this is at their discretion.

Capital at Risk

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