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Take control of your £100,000 pension. Our trusted experts can help you to take control of your pension. Our pension review service, with no upfront fees or commitment, could help you turn that £100,000 pension fund into a great retirement pot. Make the most of your pension today.

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Important information: Our website offers information about investing and saving, but not personal advice. If you’re not sure which services are right for you, please request advice from Hilltop’s independent financial advisers. Remember that investments can go up and down in value, so you could get back less than you put in.

How you would benefit from a review?

Selecting the best funds for you
Our expert advisers will select the best funds and providers available for your £100,000 pension pot. We only use 100% regulated funds, from the most trusted providers in the UK. Recent research has suggested that taking professional financial advice could boost your pension wealth by £31,000 over a ten year period on average.* *ILC, Oct ’20, Revisiting the Value of Financial Advice.
Reduce your fees and charges
We compare your pension fund charges across the industry to assess if you’re paying too much with your current provider. If you are, we may recommend you move your current £100,000 pension to another provider to take advantage of the lower charge benefit.
Ensure your funds are taking the appropriate risk
All pension funds have an element of risk attached to them. A fund that’s risk-averse could be costing you money in lost growth potential, whereas a high-risk fund could be more volatile with market crashes. Your pension adviser will carry out a full risk assessment and check your current pension against your financial attitude.
Jargon-free, personalised report
Once your adviser has completed their research and assessment, they will deliver a jargon-free, personalised report on your £100,000 pension and their findings. You will receive the report for free and without any commitment to proceed. Now, you’re armed with a report that will allow you to take control of your pension funds.
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Provider fees can be hampering your pension

Pension provider fees can make a significant difference in the amount of money you can enjoy in retirement. The difference between 2% and 0.5% may look small. Still, in terms of impact on your pension funds, it could be the difference between a comfortable or a challenging retirement.

Our pension fee calculator can show you the vast differences pension provider fees can make over time on your pension. Enter your current pension value, your age and the age at you wish to retire, and see the difference fees can make.

Would like to get a personalised forecast? Speak with our pension specialists today and start your pension assessment.


* Performance calculated using fixed 5% growth rate and monthly compound interest. The examples shown are for representative purposes only and should not be used as a pension forecast or advice.

UK pension providers

We work with the biggest and most reputable UK pension providers

What are your options taking your pension?

Pile of coins in the middle of a graph Pension Annuity
Your £100,000 pension could be used to purchase an annuity. This is where you purchase an insurance plan that will guarantee a level of income of a set period. The level of income you receive will be dependent on your health, social circumstances and the period you want to receive income. Recent research has suggested that taking professional financial advice could boost your pension wealth by £31,000 over a ten year period on average.* *ILC, Oct ’20, Revisiting the Value of Financial Advice.
Pension drawdown Pension Drawdown
You could opt to take your £100,000 pension flexibly through Pension Drawdown. This is where your funds remain invested, but you can withdraw money from your £100,000 pot as and when you need it. Not all pensions offer this facility, so please check with your adviser that you can do this.
Bullseye icon Drawdown & Annuity Hybrid
You may choose to purchase an annuity to cover your everyday bills and leave the rest in drawdown to take flexibly. Some people prefer this option due to the comfort of your bills being fully or partially paid. Speaking with our advisers will help you to decide what is the best way of taking your retirement money.
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