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Should you check your pensions and investments?

If you have been paying into a private pension or have old workplace pensions, have you ever checked how they are performing? Without regular checks, your pension and investments might not be growing as they should, or helping you to save towards a comfortable retirement.

It’s suggested in a recent survey that by taking professional financial advice, your pension wealth could be better off by 21%* than if you don’t. With these figures, coupled with our free, no-obligation assessment, it makes sense to get your pensions and investments checked as soon as possible.

*Royal London Survey, 2017

Pension & Investment Assessments

What will you find out with a free financial assessment?

By carrying-out a free financial assessment with our expert, independent advisers, you will be better prepared to make the most of your pensions and investments.

The current value of your pensions.

Through your free assessment, we will contact your pension providers and get up to date valuations on your pensions. Our advisors will then breakdown the details of your pension into a jargon-free report.

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How much income your pension could deliver.

Your pension advisor could deliver a pension forecast, that will tell you how much income you could expect when you come to retire.

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Is your pension wasting valuable income?

If your pension is wasting valuable income through high fees and poor investment
performance, your free assessment will tell you that and how you could improve it.

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Whether you could improve your pension.

If improvements can be made to your pension, your free assessment will identify changes that you could make. This could be switching your pension to better-valued pension or one more aligned to your attitude to financial risk.

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Pension Fee Calculator

Are fees affecting your pension growth?

Different pension products have different management fees. The difference between 0.5% and 2% may not seem a big difference, but over a number of years, this could total up to thousands of pounds you could have been using for your retirement. Enter your pension’s value and your age and you can see instantly how different management fees could be having a huge impact on your pension.

Is there a better-valued pension for you? Our adviser will check across the market to find out.


* Performance calculated using fixed 5% growth rate and monthly compound interest. The examples shown are for representative purposes only and should not be used as a pension forecast or advice.

0.5% fee

1.0% fee

1.5% fee

How we work.

Expert advice in three simple steps

Contact Hilltop Finance

Make an enquiry

Fill in our form or call 0161 413 7051. Our team will then have a brief chat to get a better understanding of your financial needs.


Review and report

As soon as you give us the authority to work on your behalf, our team will get started analysing your pensions and investments to produce an in-depth, jargon-free report and assess against the market.

Make confident decisions

Your adviser will deliver their professional assessment, advice and will take the time to ensure you fully understand the report. Now you will be more confident in making the correct decisions about your financial future.

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